My 67 Mustang Fastback Project

My 67 Mustang Fastback That I bought from Melvin's Classic Ford Parts, earlyer in 2002.

The previous owner of the car restored it 12 years ago as a Bullitt clone. Their were a few exceptions that didnt make it a perfect clone, like the 302 insted of a 390gt, the 67 mirrors insted of the round 65-66 mirrors, and the lowered stance made the car look somewhat strange. The car also had alot of upgrads at the time of purchase, such as a ford 9" rearend with 3.25:1 gears, four wheel disc brackes, 68 4v heads, the orginal high rise cobra intake, and a shift kit in the transmission. The body of the car was straight ;However, the paint wasint all that great.

The lowered stance of the car really does make it look goofy, and the speed bumps are terrable. One of the first things im going to do is raise it back up to its orginal ride heigth.

Hears my car going in for sergury to make room for the 347, but not befor the engine bay is painted.

The Plan!

When I bought the car I knew I wonted alot more out of it in both the performance and looks department. What Im planning to do is Paint it Torch Red with White LeMans stripes, replace all the chrome that was removed to make it a Bullitt clone, and raise the car back up to its orginal ride heighth. In place of the 302, will be a 347 C.I. stroker, which im trying to make look somewhat stock. Ill be using my ported 302 4v heads, along with my port matched Cobra intake. Im going with the comp cams XE274HR cam which has .555 lift on the Int. and .565 lift on the exhaust. with a duration of 224 Int. and 232 Exh. @ .05" of lift, and has a lobe seperation of 112. For the exhaust ill use hooker super comps, with 2-1/2" mandrel bent pipes with 2 chamber flowmasters. The distrabuter will be stock with a pertronix Ingitor II kit. For the carburator ill use a bigs 650dp. When im finished the engine should look mostely stock except for the bigs carb and the exhaust system. Depinding on how well my heads flow my combo could produce anywhere from 380-440 flywheel Horse power.

More soon to come!